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On the high demands of our customers and to make your shopping experience more convenient, we have finally decided to go online. So thank you for waiting patiently while we build our online store. Stay tuned and we’ll update you when our store is set up and ready to function. Cheers.

Meanwhile, visit our store at the commercial street.

Engagement Gowns

It’s the first official ceremony which announces to the world that you finally found your Mr. Right, and to make your day all the more glamorous and happening choose your engagement gown from Tot’s and Teens. We’ll help you choose the color that suits you the best from among our infinite choice of colors, fabric, and pattern. We also manufacture designer wear accessories engagement gloves and veils. You can choose a simple elegant gown or a heavily embroidered gown and indulge in experiencing that heavenly feeling, of feeling our carefully chosen one of a kind imported fabrics from all over the world. We’ll make your gown ready in a short span of a week so next time you’re panicking about your engagement gown remember us! Let the world know how lucky you are to be engaged in the reception. Check out the collection of our designer engagement dresses.

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